Love After You Have Gone

“I had to pull myself together. Life before death was my right too, wasn’t it? Love after you have gone… Maybe that’s the reason. So I can forget about you and have a decent love; but no, I couldn’t. Once again, I couldn’t pull it off. Not that I couldn’t forget you. They just wouldn’t let me. You know who they are. Just because you left, doesn’t mean the country changed. Just because you died, the monsters who wrote our death sentences didn’t die along with you!”

In one of Istanbul’s most lively streets one night, a drunk, well-dressed young man slips in front of a closed store with its shutters pulled down. Although the body can not move, his mind was still alive. Everything he heard and everything he saw leads him to his past.

It was childhood love that had flourished in the midst of the social crises in the 90s… The emotional intimacy between the son of an ordinary family oppressed in a secular-religious struggle and the young daughter of a family who emigrated from the East due to the anti-terror unit’s pressure and fear of death.

Love After You Have Gone tells the story of the people oppressed under secular and religious radicalism’s ‘pressure alliance’. It introduces the lives that hatred and alienation have defeated in the back streets. It strikes the hypocrisy behind religiousness in the face with real-life examples. It tells us the riot of a teen who is struggling with the hypocrisy of being hit with love while trying to forget the pain of another one. It sheds light on the recent history of Turkey becoming a repressive regime.Cover

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